0 Horizon: Art of the Forest Floor

Categories: Sturt Haaga Gallery

JUNE 17 – AUGUST 27, 2023

0 Horizon: Art of the Forest Floor examines a wealth of subject matter that exists in the parasitological ecosystem of the forest floor. The coexistence of the parasite and the host helps to complete life cycles in some species and the coevolution of both.

The exhibition will be installed to create an immersive environment containing works of all media that serves as a metaphor for the mutualism needed to contribute to the earth’s sustainability. 

The works in the exhibition will depict nature’s underworld; a wondrous display of decay, slime, parasites, worms, beetles, mushrooms, roots, and the detritus of animals and humans.

The curator of 0 Horizon: Art of the Forest Floor is Carole Ann Klonarides and participating artists include Andrea Bersaglieri, Travis Boyer, Sigrid Burton, Catherine Chalmers, Melinda Hurst Frye, Kristen Leachman, Adelle Lutz, Jemila MacEwan, Constance Mallinson, Brad Miller, Alexis Rockman, Diana Scherer, Sula Bermudez Silverman, Coleen Sterritt, and Diana Thater.

0: Horizon: Art of the Forest Floor is funded in part by Heather and Paul Haaga.


The Sturt Haaga Gallery is open from 10am to 4pm daily. Free with admission.

Top image:
Kristin Leachman
Whitebark 1 / (Whitebark Pine, Glacier National Park, MT.)
72x54x2 inches, oil on canvas on panel, 2023