About Descanso Gardens Guild, Inc.

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our mission

“Descanso Gardens is a unique Southern California landscape distinguished by its specialized botanic collections, historical significance, and rare natural beauty. Our mission is to practice exemplary stewardship of Descanso’s distinctive character and assets; offer people an experience close to nature; and cultivate understanding of the natural world and people’s place in it through inspiration, education and example.”


The Gardens are operated by the Descanso Gardens Guild, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, in a public-private partnership with Los Angeles County. The annual budget of $6.4 million is funded by memberships, philanthropic gifts, fees and support from Los Angeles County.

Board of Trustees
  • Amy Lamb, Chair
  • Leah McCrary, Vice Chair
  • Katie King, Secretary
  • Carin Salter, Treasurer
  • Richard Atwater
  • Margaret Leong Checca
  • John D’Angona
  • Georgianna B. Erskine
  • Elizabeth Harrison Gleason
  • Wendy Lees
  • C. James Levin
  • Kay Linden
  • Ben Logan
  • Greg McLemore
  • Peggy Miller
  • Timothy Morphy
  • Ann Murphy
  • Rick Neumann
  • Ned Russell
  • Don Voss
  • David R. Brown, (Ex Officio Trustee) Executive Director, Descanso Gardens


Financial Information

View the 2015 Annual Report here.

View the 2015 Audited Financial Statements here.

Our Senior Leadership

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David R. Brown
Executive Director
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Juliann Rooke
Chief Operating Officer
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Rachel Young
Director of Horticulture
and Garden Operations
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Emi Yoshimura
Director of Education
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Cristeen Martinez
Membership and Visitor
Experience Manager
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