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OasisSeptember -December 2015

Descanso Gardens is frequently described as an “oasis.” This exhibition explored through artists’ eyes and sensibilities the many meanings and connotations of “oasis” — refuge, mirage, an island of human activity in a parched surrounding landscape.
The exhibition spilled out of the gallery into hidden spots throughout the Gardens where artists who specialize in creating site-specific sculptures and environments created installations. In another first for the gallery, the exhibition included the work of poets whose words and ideas left the printed page and enter into the nooks and crannies of Descanso Gardens itself. Oasis featured the work of 21 contemporary artists and four poets.

Artists Featured: Carlos Almaraz, Molly Bendall, Bryant Elizabeth & Patrick Nickell, Margaret Griffith & Jamison Carter, Nick Taggart & Laura Cooper, Michael Davis, Donna Frazier Glynn, Carrie Paterson, Sandra Haeuplik-Meusburger & Verena Holzgethan, Deborah Hede, Flora Kao, Douglas Kearney, Helen Lessick, Won Ju Lim, Thomas Muller, Lucas Reiner, Rebecca Ripple, Melanie Schiff,  Kyungmi Shin, Hataya Tubtim, Alexandra Wiesenfeld, Terry Wolverton.

Pictured: “Yellow Lake” © 2015 Alexandra Wiesenfeld