Tribute Benches

At Descanso, we strive to create and nurture a natural, serene setting which offers a variety of experiences to people of all ages. We also want to give people the opportunity to stop, sit, see, and contemplate a bit. Throughout the Descanso landscape, we have identified a limited number of sites that feel right for accommodating Descanso-style benches, which are offered as memorials to donors who make contributions of $25,000. Such memorial benches carry an engraved brass dedication plaque identifying the loved one(s) whose memories or achievements the benches have been sponsored to memorialize. Just as in nature, where everything has its season, memorial benches live in the landscape—and in the lives of all who enjoy them—for a fixed period of 10 years. For more information on Memorial Bench sponsorships at Descanso Gardens, please contact the Development Manager Somer Sherwood-White at (818) 952-4389.

Photo: Steve Maulbetsch