By offering always changing exhibitions in the Gardens and the galleries our hope is that Visitors will be inspired to see and think about Descanso Gardens in new and unexpected ways.  


Endless Column 

Endless Column by artist Michael Parker was installed at Descanso Gardens’ Center Circle in July.  The large-scale outdoor sculpture stands at 14-feet tall and incorporates flowing water and plant life. The sculpture is the first piece installed as part of the La Reina de Los Ángeles exhibition, which opens Sept. 13 at the Sturt Haaga Gallery.  The exhibition draws inspiration from the Los Angeles River and the role of water in Southern California.  




Sturt Haaga Gallery

No visit to Descanso Gardens is complete without a visit to the Sturt Haaga Gallery. Rotating exhibits throughout the year seek to illuminate the intersection between contemporary arts and the sciences represented by the garden — botany, horticulture, biology, ecology, conservation, and the study of gardens as cultural artifacts.

The next exhibition will be La Reina de Los Ángeles includes pieces inspired by the Los Angeles River.  It opens Sept. 16. Exhibition participants include Tom Carroll (Tom Explores Los Angeles), Carolina Caycedo, Nicholas Hummingbird, Galia Linn, Blue McRight, Michael Parker, Emma Robbins, Kerry Tribe and Devon Tsuno.


Carole Kim,  Artist-in-Residence

Descanso Gardens is excited to announce its first year-long residency with artist Carole Kim. Her exploration of the Gardens will culminate in an exhibition in the gallery and site-specific projection drawings and performances.  Carole Kim is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on media installation and video for live performance.  Carole Kim on her website.



Boddy House

The current art exhibition at the Boddy House features works that are inspired by Descanso Gardens’ Japanese Garden. Featuring artists from the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California, Japanese Garden runs through 2019.