Explore your yard or neighborhood

When students visit Descanso Gardens, we use the guides below to help them discover nature. You can use these guides in your own yard or neighborhood to find the incredible things that live right around you.

  • Choose a special spot outside to explore and observe: English
  • Take a self-guided walk with this habitat journal: English/Spanish
  • Guide a walk with this habitat guide: English/Spanish
  • Think about pollinators with this journal: English
  • Teach kids about pollinators with this useful guide: English
Take time to learn about nature
  • Here is a slideshow we share with students and teachers getting ready to visit the gardens: English/Spanish
  • Common Animals at Descanso Gardens: English

Be inspired

Once you are inspired – express yourself! Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Coloring pages:
  • Each tulip color can mean something different. Red tulips represent true love, white tulips say “I’m sorry,” and purple tulips symbolize royalty. Color your own tulip here and give it its own meaning. Coloring page
  • Cherry trees are a symbol of spring for the Japanese people. As you color the cherry blossoms, draw things that you think are symbols of spring. Coloring page
  • Descanso is a habitat to many animals. Add your own baby animals to the drawing. Do you know what these baby geese are called? Coloring page
Become a poet:

#DescansoAtHome with online tutorials:

Take virtual tours of Descanso via our YouTube channel: