An Outdoor Classroom

The Harvest Garden program provides educational enrichment and the therapeutic benefits of hands-on gardening and outdoor exploration through the collaboration of staff, teachers, and volunteers. Participating groups attend on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis, from October through May. Participants experience the full range of senses, as well as the promotion of physical, cognitive and social skills through planting, watering, harvesting, and cooking in the garden.

A Descanso Gardens legacy

The Harvest Garden program was started in 1962 as a free gardening program for people with special developmental needs. Initiated by volunteers, this was the first education program started by the Descanso Gardens Guild. Today, the Harvest Garden strives to be a flexible and inclusive space that provides opportunities to many communities of users.

Participating groups provide their own transportation to the Harvest Garden. Other costs are supported, in part, by foundation grants and in-kind donations.

For more information, please call the Education Programs Office at (818) 949-4200 ex. 240.