The Sky Beneath Our Feet

Now through September 30, 2020

Come walk through an immersive sound installation created by composer Pete Wyer. “The Sky Beneath Our Feet” is inspired by the oaks in the gardens and was written specifically for Descanso. Played on 72 speakers throughout the Camellia and Oak forests, the piece invites guests to wander, listen, and enjoy the garden in a new way.

“The Sky Beneath Our Feet” plays at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm daily in the Oak Grove and Camellia Forest.

About “The Sky Beneath Our Feet”

“The Sky Beneath Our Feet” was composed by Pete Wyer and designed to be played back via 72 independent audio speakers across the Oak Grove and Camellia Forest. The music will become a  seamless part of the walk and visitors are encouraged to choose their own way. The experience is designed to be unique for each person based on the path they choose. The score uses pitch, rhythm, tone and space, and is a direct response to the land and particularly the trees of Descanso.

About Pete Wyer

In more than 25 years of composing, musician Pete M. Wyer has been inspired by many sources – the poetry of Dylan Thomas, the forests in the Adirondacks, and most recently, the British composer found inspiration beneath the oaks of Descanso Gardens. With an interest in storytelling and innovation, he has created scores for the London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Juilliard, the orchestra of Welsh National Opera, The Crossing, BBC Television and the Royal Opera House as well as creating seven operas and music theatre works.

Pete Wyer talks about the process of creating “The Sky Beneath Our Feet”