Sun and Sparrow lilacs
Photo © Sun and Sparrow Photography

Descanso offers a variety of beautiful settings to preserve life’s best memories in photographs. Descanso Gardens welcomes artists and photographers to capture our natural beauty. Please review our Photography Policy prior to your entry. There are limitations on equipment that amateur photographers may bring into Descanso Gardens.

Arranging for photography may be the easiest part of planning for a special occasion. Non-commercial photography includes engagement and wedding photos, family portraits, graduation and class pictures, and more.

Hours available: Weekend hours are subject to availability. On-site weddings have first priority.

  • Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 2pm

Fees: For photo sessions of two hours or less, number of persons (including the photographer)

1 to 10 people, $300
11 to 20, $400
21 to 30, $600

Reservations: Please make reservations through the Special Events Office at (818) 949-4291 or e-mail

Please note: Members of the media and social media influencers must make arrangements prior to visiting through our Public Relations office at (818) 949-7984 or e-mail