Help us create an entrance worthy of Descanso

Don’t you want to make something beautiful?

You know we are all about the green and leafy, lush and flowery. So you may have wondered, “What’s the deal with the entrance to the parking lot?” We agree, and we have a plan to make this entry garden every bit as beautiful as inside the garden gates. We need your help to make this happen.

Descanso will replant the entry garden with beautiful and bright flowers and trees, including redbud trees and camellias. Our goal is to create a space that better fits the character of the neighborhood, provides a “grand entrance” to Descanso, and previews the beauty visitors can expect to see inside the Gardens.

Even better: This garden will be irrigated with reclaimed water. We are constructing an innovative onsite wastewater treatment system, which will allow us to turn the human impact of visitation to the Gardens (all those toilet flushes!) into a new source of irrigation water.

When the wastewater system goes live, we need a place to release the high-quality reclaimed water produced by the system. The clock is ticking to get the entry garden completed. While the wastewater system is fully funded, we need your support to build and maintain this new garden irrigated with reclaimed water.

This project has the ability to educate and inspire the community about wise water use and responsible landscaping. With your help, we can ensure this project moves forward swiftly and that a new, beautiful, sustainable entry garden will greet Descanso visitors.

Your tax-deductible donation will be used to help build and maintain this reclaimed water garden, and to support our efforts to educate the community on wise use of water resources.

Won’t you please help us plant a beautiful front-drive garden?

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