A four-day quadraphonic sound exploration


June 9–12, 2022

Experience Tonalism (in Space) from dublab at Descanso for four days this June. With immersive surround sound installations in different areas of the garden, Tonalism invites participants to enjoy ambient music and consider sound as a way to reflect, meditate and connect with our surroundings and environment.

  • Tonalism: Day is included in the price of admission
  • Tonalism: Night on June 11 requires advance tickets. THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT.


Tonalism: Day

June 9–10 // Thursday–Friday: 10am–5pm
June 11–12 // Saturday–Sunday: 10am–4pm

Free with admission, no advance registration required

Main Lawn:

  • Meditative music brings a new sound element to this garden space
  • Visitors are invited to explore The Centering Center’s woven pavilion – a social space for interaction and reflection
  • Storytelling Workshop with Tina Orduno Calderon on Thursday, June 9 from 11am–noon
    • Tina will share stories and songs with guests at Descanso Gardens as well as speak about the revival of the Tongva language and the fluidity of culture which is integrally connected to language and place
  • Soundbaths on Thursday and Friday, June 9 and 10 from 5–6:30pm
    • Immerse yourself in the sounds of crystal bowls under the oaks
  • Four Quadrant Induction Meditation by Marcos Lutyens on Sunday, June 12 from 11am–noon
    • A guided meditation exploring internal, sensory, social and environmental realms as they relate to the inner self and to the intent of the Centering Center Pavilion

Rose Garden

  • Quadraphonic soundscapes and other compositions


Tonalism: Night

June 11 // Saturday: 6pm–1am 

Tickets required, $20 members/$25 non-members. THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT.

Tonalism culminates in a late night, ambient music happening inspired by La Monte Young’s Dream House as well as the work of musicians and composers such as Terry Riley, John Cage, and Yoko Ono.  The event features live DJ sets, visual elements, and the opportunity to be in the garden as night falls. Visitors are encouraged to bring pillows, cushions, and sleeping bags to lay down, listen and watch for an extended period of time.  

To see past Tonalism events, visit tonalism.org