Center Circle

Year-round color in the Center Circle

Descanso Gardens’  Center Circle focuses on providing year-round garden color.  Just like Descanso itself, the new Center Circle will always have something to catch your eye. The Horticulture staff  designed a new display featuring dramatic plants with colorful flowers, foliage and fruits. This evergreen garden will include show-stopping plants from all over the world that thrive in our seasonal rainfall and dry summers. Keep an eye out for strong contrasting colors like silver, purple and hot pink. Check out the nearby areas too: As part of this effort, new plants will be planted around the edges of the Center Circle.


Welcome to the New Rose Garden Entrance

Visitors  might be surprised, since it has six entrances, that one of the most common questions from visitors is “Where is the Rose Garden?” No more. The Rose Garden is getting a new entrance with the help of landscape architect firm Rios Clemente Hale.  The plants in this area will be roses and members of the rose family in brilliant shades of pinks and reds.