Center Circle

Located just inside Descanso Gardens’ gate, the Center Circle is a demonstration garden that changes every few years.

Starting in January 2018, Descanso will be bidding farewell to the New Look for LA Garden in the Center Circle, to make way for a new sustainable display garden focused on year-round color. The Gardens’ horticulture staff are designing a new display featuring dramatic plants with flowers and foliage. This evergreen garden will be focusing on show-stopping plants in strong contrasts of silver, purple and hot pink from all over the world, which thrive in our seasonal rainfall.

Improvements are not just about the plants, other Center Circle improvement include:

  • Clearer paths to different areas of the garden.
  • A revitalized entrance into the Rose Garden.
  • A permanent “welcome” table.
  • Removal of broken asphalt to be replaced with sustainable permeable paving.
  • The creation of  a cooler space in the entryway.  
  • The creation of gathering spaces for walking tours, separate from the main circulation route.
  • Improved lighting, so walkways are safe after summer concerts and night events.

The new Center Circle will be done Spring 2018.