Revitalizing the Lakeside Lookout

lakeside lookout revitalization is complete

In partnership with Pacific Outdoor Living, we embarked on a new project to revitalize the Bird Observation Station, waterfall, and surrounding area. The area was closed for several months and was reopened in October 2017. Read on to learn more about this exciting project!

Here’s how we revitalized the area:

Bird Observation Station

  • Built a safer and more accessible entrance ramp.
  • Repaired and refinished the interior to complement the nearby Lakeside Lodge.
  • Installed new flooring and seating.

Wildlife garden near the waterfall

  • Improved access with visitor safety in mind.
  • New plantings suggest a San Gabriel Mountains habitat – alders, maples, ferns, vines and grasses.
  • Replaced the chain-link fence.

Wetland garden

  • Created a seasonal stream and wetland garden by removing asphalt and building a rocky watercourse with check dams for rainwater capture.
  • The plant palette now includes grasses, iris, sedges, ferns, yarrow and other native riparian species.
  • Encouraged wildlife such as frogs, birds, aquatic invertebrates – and children, too! – to enjoy the new space.

Forest woodlands

  • Planted shrubs and perennials that attract wildlife, such as toyon, California fuchsia and milkweed.
  • Built new decking surrounding a heritage oak (which is more than 200 years old) that allows visitors to get close without compromising the health of this venerable tree.

Pollinator garden

  • This garden features a bug- and bird-friendly grouping of plants specifically chosen to attract pollinators, such as California buckwheat and native wildflowers.
  • The project includes 360-degree access with seating, viewing and enjoying areas.

Nest zone

  • Improved sightlines so visitors can view the birds nesting in a protected area by the lake.
  • Improved the quality of the habitat by reducing invasive plant species and replanting with grasses and shrubs favored by nesting birds.