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Woven Image

May 17 — August 28, 2016

Cloth, baskets, containers, nets, fences, dwellings, even paper- all originated from fiber and plants. Human ingenuity has made the manipulation of plant materials even more beautiful. Weaving has been used for thousands of years for both practical and decorative purposes. “Woven” presented artwork that illustrated, represented, and celebrated the diverse vision that weaving inspires.

Featured Artists: Marsia Alexander-Clarke, Melanie Ciccone, Eberly Clifford, Susan Feldman, Agustin G Garza, Jenny Hart, Nicholette Kominos, Dinh Q. Le, Kristin Leachman, Jairlyn Mason, Thinh Nguyen, Echiko Ohira, James Richards, Meriel Stern, Andrew K.  Thompson, Joan Weinzettle, Pontus Willfors

Pictured: “Parachutes” © 2008 Dinh Q. Le