Special Thanks from Adam Schwerner

I want to thank the many collaborators who have made Your (un)natural Garden possible. It’s been a thrilling journey, these past three years, witnessing a creative family form to bring my ideas to fruition.

Quin Messenger of JUST Design has been a steady presence from its inception. We have worked together for many years and have found a way to bring the best out of one another. He challenges me to be clear about intent and to never compromise.

Kalie Acheson and Claire McCracken of Art Mafia have been tirelessly committed to helping me make the artistic vision for the exhibition a reality. They brought on great partners like Brayden Deskins (the Uncomfy Symphony) and Julian Wildhack-Poyser (who wrote the narratives you see describing the exhibition elements). It ain’t been easy!

Luis Gomez worked with me in my garage studio for more than six months every Saturday from 8:00 AM til 3:00 PM to make the chairs and table in Agora. His creative instincts and ability to make anything work made my Saturdays a highlight of the last year.

Anna Moulton of Pink Sparrow oversaw the complicated and forever-altering production of the main aspects of this exhibition. She had to tell me “no” when what I wanted to make happen was impossible. Thankfully, she also, always, followed that “no” with creative solves that met with my artistic intents.

Darren Ross from Tierra Verde Industries, let me source endless amounts of wire, wood, bicycle parts, chairs, tables, wood scraps, aluminum ladders, dishes, forks, and knives. Thanks, Darren, TVI’s discarded riches made this exhibition possible.

My wife Stephanie. Steph, thanks for being patient while Luis and I destroyed our garage and for being consistently supportive during these last years of thinking and production.

I also want to thank the team from Descanso for allowing me to have complete artistic decision-making authority for this exhibition and for bringing great partners like Keith Knueven, of Keith and Company, to the table. You have been a dream set of collaborators. Thank you all. I am most grateful. I also want to thank you as you read this. Thank you for being here. By engaging and collaborating with us, right now, you are making this exhibition come alive.