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At Descanso, our gardens and collections represent both the diversity of Southern California plants and an examination of the history of our local landscape.

As you stroll through a mix of wild and cultivated land, you’ll find California native plants, an evolving oak woodland, and one of the largest camellia collections in the United States.

Descanso’s horticulture staff invites you to explore each garden and think about the many hands that have cared for the gardens over time and through today.

Map of the gardens

See our current map for a birdseye view of Descanso

Rose Garden

Five acres, 1,600 roses, showcasing hundreds of years of history with old world, new, and hybrid roses

Japanese Garden

Relax in the shade of native Asian plants and classic Japanese Garden features designed to inspire contemplation

Oak Forest

Iconic California coast live oaks from a bygone local forest — most of Descanso’s oak trees are 100-150 years old

Ancient Forest

Wander through an ancient forest filled with prehistoric plant life and imagine the world when dinosaurs roamed

California Garden

Our seemingly subtle California native landscape hides a wealth of Golden State botanical beauty

Center Circle

This fanciful garden creation proves that water-wise plants are wonderfully able to weather drought conditions

Oak Woodland

Wander woodland and meadow on seven acres of heritage Los Angeles Basin landscape

Camellia Collection

Our camellias tell a story of the link between WWII, Japanese-American growers, and Descanso’s first owner

Legendary Lilacs

Most lilacs grow in winter climes, our hybrid lilacs thrive in warm SoCal due to Descanso’s famed hybrid experts

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