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Explore Descanso

Map of the garden

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Itineraries: Curated visit tips

Heritage oak tour

Descanso has five heritage oak trees that are 300 to 500 years old. Follow the map to locate each of the old-timer oaks and you’ll encounter several of our splendid signature gardens along the way.

Fun with kids

Descanso offers oodles of fun for kids of all ages. Young garden explorers shouldn’t miss Mulberry Pond and Lakeside Lookout for spotting fish, birds, and numerous other wild critter locals. Children will love ambling through our Rose Garden with its kid-height hedge maze. If you and your kiddos need some chill time, lie down in the Oak Grove for the best view of Descanso’s towering tree canopies.

Unwind with a 1-hour “whirlwind” tour

  1. Start at the Center Circle with its year-round array of colorful plants.
  2. Loop through our 5-acre Rose Garden with more than 1,600 regional, modern, and historic roses.
  3. Roam the Oak Woodland and meditate on a tranquil mix of meadow, woodland, and west coast chaparral plants.
  4. Head up to the Hilltop Gardens for the Sturt Haaga Gallery, Boddy House, and a dramatic view of the San Gabriel Mountains.
  5. Stroll down through our famous Camellia Forest and commune with over 100,000 camellias planted underneath the old oak trees.
  6. End your tour with a mini escape into Descanso’s tucked-away Japanese Garden, an acre of peaceful green space that includes a tea garden, stream-and-pond garden, stroll garden, and karesansui (raked-gravel) garden.

Hidden Descanso

Scope out Descanso’s “secret” spots. Descend the stairs from the Hilltop Gardens and you’ll find our stone benches. Look for the Fibonacci stone spiral while exploring the Camellia Forest. Decompress at Mountain View in the California Garden.

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