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Donor Recognition

2022 Perennial Circle

Perennial Circle members support the gardens at the highest levels of membership and are at the heart of our mission. Members at these levels are invited to connect with the gardens through special talks, tours, and events that deepen their connection to Descanso and our work.

Oak Circle | $25,000

Heather Sturt Haaga and Paul Haaga Jr.
Margaret Leong and Michael Checca

Camellia Circle | $10,000

Kim and Ginger Caldwell
John D’Angona
Doug and Claudia Forbes

Rose Circle | $5,000

Tom and Jennifer Baxter
Thomas Black and Tanya Haden
Gary and Sandy Hall
Ruth and Jeremy Jones
Wendy Lees and Tom Boyle
Lucia and Ben Logan
James Levin and Sarah MacDowall
Ann and Peter Murphy
Rick Neumann
Blythe Haaga Parker and Tyler Parker
Susan Redpath
James and Jieun Son
Lynn and Donald Voss
William and Noel Wade

Lilac Circle | $2,000

Erin and Jeremy Baker
David and Judith Brown
Patrick and Kathy Feely
Stephen and Linda Gill
Nel Graham
Lindsey Haines
Lovell Holder
Karen Howard
Debra and Tracy Jeandron
Sareen Karaiakoubian
Lola James Kelly
Jeff Keltner and Ivy Lee
Katie King and Torrey Sun
Kay and David Linden
Mary and Richard Mader
Sandra Mays and John Marshall
Stephanie and Greg McLemore
Donna Melby
Anne and Elizabeth Miller
Karen Muller and Joshua Mancell
Kimberly Raisani
Carin and Andrew Salter
Hope Tschopik Schneider
Timothy and Martina Smith
Eugene and Marilyn Stein
Brian and Shari Thomas
Anita Yagjian

Poppy Circle | $1,000

Betsy and Andy Ackerman
Julie Ann Acosta
Milene and Nazo Apanian
Barbara Aran and Lawrence Hawley
Richard and Erin Atwater
Guilford and Gwen Babcock
James Balla and Maria Stifano
Ann Barrett
Dianne Barrett and Margaret Elfering
Diane Wemple Baxa and William Baxa
Sue Beatty
Carol and Terry Becker
Theresa Beland
Dimple Bhasin and Ben Pradhan
Diane Binney and Mike Brown
Nancy Borun and Robin Bausch
Eric and Sylvie Boyajian
Elizabeth and James Bray
David Brymesser
Maureen Burch and Morley Male
Tania and Michael Cahill
Frank and Margaret Campbell
Therese Carrabine
Blair Carty
Bill and Raissa Choi
John Clisham and Lu Kondor
Darcy Coleman
Richard and Bonnie Cook
Karin Covey
Christie Crahan
Edwina and David Dedlow
Jane and Patrick Delahanty
Stephanie and Leo Dencik
Brock Dewey
Gerard DiNardi
Bryan Doherty
Lady and Ben Edwards
Barbara Eliades
Nancy Foehner
Grant Frederick and Denise Hagan
Laura and Mark Furey
Georgina Garcia and Juan Maldonado
Allyson and Frederick Gartside
Gracella Gibbs and Gene Wilcott
Christine and Richard Goetz
Don and Denise Hahn
Yvonne Haley
Gunilla and Rolf Hastrup
Damon Hein
Richard and Tracy Hirrel
Emily Jarvis-Hoag and Andrew Hoag
Van Hohman and Susan Goldsmith
Britney Holthouser
Ursula Hyman
Narumi Inatsugu
Edward and Susan Johnson
Melissa Jones
Jim and Stephanie Kambe
Monique and Sean Kelly
Harvey and Ellen Knell
Mark Kolokotrones
Jane and Douglas Krech
George and Lallie Kunkel
Lisa Kurstin
Amy and David Lamb
Jennifer Lee
Roberta Liao and Chris Rivas
Carolyn Martin and Mark Pedowitz
Toni and Nicholas McCreary
David and Carolyn McLendon
Carolyn Metcalf
Richard Metzner
Peggy Miller
Robert Mills and Susan Arcidiacono
Christine Mitchell
Jirier Moussally
Merle Mullin
Dana and Edward Newman
Frank O’Dea
William and Laura Olhasso
Gary and Vicki Olson
Christopher and Virginia Orndorff
Barbara and Charles Osburn
Patsy and William Pinney
Katie and Chris Poole
Frances and Charles Porter
Marie and John Queen
Sharon Ramage and Steve Wagner
Pamela Rappel
Juliann and Andy Rooke
Ned and Shirley Russell
Reid and Joyce Samuelson
Shadi and Jennifer Sanbar
Elaine Sarkaria
Brad and Victoria Schwartz
Lou Scolnik
Linda and Peter Segal
Shabana and Anand Shah
Jessica and Alec Sherrie
Somer Sherwood-White and Jeff White
Bill and Carol Stafford
James Steman and Liza Paguyo
Yassaman Tarazkar
Amber Thomas
Tracy and Keith Tobias
Len Torres and Anita Brenner
Scott and Mary Tracy
Betsey Tyler
Mary Villar
Lena and Chris Waldheim
Woody and Terry Walker
Daniel and Janice Wallace
Adele and Gerard Walsh
James and Mitzi Walters
Jill and Eric Weinlein
Clarissa and Brad Weirick
Karen and Robert Wicke
Alice and Mike Zrodlo

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"Descanso Gardens is one of the most beautiful places in Southern California. New blooms seen every time make Descanso our favorite non-ocean destination to soothe the mind and body."