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Camellia Collection

Winter beauties in bloom

Camellia collection chronology

In the late 1930s, E. Manchester Boddy established Rancho del Descanso on the site of what is now Descanso Gardens. He began growing and shipping spectacular winter-blooming camellia flowers to more wintery U.S. destinations.

The collection expands: Two Japanese-American family legacies

In 1942, Boddy purchased the nursery stock of at least three Japanese-owned nurseries. Two grower families, the Yoshimuras and the Uyematsus, were forced to sell their life’s work prior to their incarceration by the U.S. government during WWII. These plants, including rare and unique breeds of camellias, became the basis of the garden’s collection. When you visit, seek out these specially-labeled historic flowers as you explore our Camellia Forest.

When can you see our camellias bloom?

Camellias at Descanso bloom from early autumn to spring, but you’re likely to see the most dazzling floral display in winter, from January through February.

Did you know?

Descanso Gardens now sits on land that was once an oak forest. Our camellias love growing in the shade of the native oaks and are nourished by oak leaf litter.

Camellia walk

Find out more about the Uyematsu camellias and take a self-guided stroll with our camellias story map

Untold history

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