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Stewardship and equity

At Descanso Gardens we connect people with nature and one another. Every year, more and more people seek the beauty and experiences that Descanso provides — a trend that accelerated greatly during the pandemic. In fact, Descanso Gardens expects more than 1 million visitors in 2023 — an all-time high for the gardens and roughly double the number of annual visits in 2019.

To ensure that this growth is sustainable, to create more equitable access to green spaces, and to steward the gardens for the next generation, we are completing the ambitious projects outlined in the comprehensive master plan — a roadmap for the future of Descanso.


At The Ruth Borun Nursery and Propagation Center, we are growing the plants of the future and protecting the past


The conservation and use of water is everything in California — and we have a plan!

Collections care

How do we keep track of all the plants in the garden?

Did you know?

Descanso has more than a dozen varieties of lilacs that are not found anywhere else in the world. We are propagating these lilacs at the nursery to preserve them for generations to come.