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2022 Exhibitions

Your (Un)Natural Garden

Artist Adam Schwerner asked visitors to please touch the art.

Installations at the Sturt Haaga Gallery, Boddy House, and throughout the landscape intrigued visitors’ senses and invited participation. Archways, created with found materials, led to the art gallery and house. Once there, guests explored rooms full of surprises — from hundreds of bells playing to feather boas hanging from the ceiling.

The exhibition was produced in collaboration with JUST Design, Art Mafia, and Pink Sparrow.

About the artist Adam Schwerner

As the son of two artists, I have lived with and around artmaking since I was a child.

I have always been fascinated by the tension I perceive between the natural and manmade. Where does one begin and the other end? My work interrogates this boundary and invites visitors to engage and participate in this dance; the back and forth between nature and human-made. The pursuit of this life-long conversation has led to a desire to create large scale accessible public art. Sometimes unsettling and provocative, my work can leave patrons angry, annoyed, happy, excited, and often curious. Ultimately, I aim to provide opportunities for those who engage with my work to experience something new, perhaps, challenging. I bring questions to be both asked and answered.

As my individual career as an artist began to gain momentum, I was given the opportunity to create and facilitate a series of site-specific art installations throughout the city of Chicago as Director of the Chicago Park District’s multidisciplinary Department of Cultural and Natural Resources. My team and I put into place an initiative to develop bold and inclusive public art works within Chicago’s city parks.

Since Chicago, I have continued working at the intersection of art and horticulture. I created a significant series of installations for the Atlanta Botanical Garden entitled, “The Curious Garden.” This exhibit contained eleven site specific installations built in response to the history, pursuits, and scientific research of that great institution.

Since 2014, I have worked at Disneyland as the Director of Horticulture and Resort Enhancement for the Resort. I also work to foster arts engagement as a member of the Laguna Beach Arts Commission and strive to provide community-centric art that is approachable and surprising.

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